Meet The Staff

Katrina Hale

Little Munchkins Nursery School 1987~2002
Kidz~N~Motion Children’s Transportation 1987~2002
Krayola Kidz Child Care 2002~Current

All staff have been screen for T.B, First-Aide, Cpr Certified and Complete FBI Background Check.

Background: A Message from the Owner
I had a desire to do something I knew a lot about and something where I could give of myself
without any hesitation or regret. In 19881 had a vision of working with children so I opened my daycare where I could give unconditional love and care to children of parents that needed someone to be there when they weren’t able to be.
While parents struggled to work and or go to school, I was able to provide love and care to families of every economic status and cultural background.
I had parents asking if I could accommodate their weekends, after 6 p.m., and/or holiday schedule and that’s when I realized there was a great need for Evening & Weekend Care for children whose parents have non-traditional work schedules.
We’re committed to providing quality childcare and early childhood development to every child we care for and to give them an experience that will last a lifetime. We care for the family as a whole and make it convenient for everyone’s busy schedule.
We provide a learning environment as well as a home away from home. If you have any questions or if you’re interested in making an appointment, please feel free to contact us at 323-294-7925.
?Thank you for considering Krayola Kidz Evening and Weekend Care for your child care needs. We look forward to serving you!

Teacher 2015~Current

I’m one of the teachers of my Church children’s Ministry and I’m pursuing a career in Law Enforcement.

I enjoy working with and nurturing children of all ages.

Care Provider

Little Munchkins Nursery School 1990~2002
Krayola Kidz Child Care 2002~Current

Care Provider

Little Munchkins Nursery School 1990~2002
Krayola Kidz Child Care 2002~Current

Summer Teacher 2013~Current

I’m a sophomore at Humboldt University. I plan on attaining my bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

I devote myself to working with and for the well being of the community, from mentoring to planning cultural events for students. I feel it’s important to uplift and create community.

I devote all of my time working at Krayola Kidz when I am home from school. I see the impact I can have on people each day that I come into contact with them here at work.

Summer Teacher 2014~Current

I’m currently a rising sophomore in college at Tufts University in Boston, I’ll be studying child development and community health and my end goal is to secure my bachelors in both fields then go on to get my master’s degree in public health.

I have worked with the AmeriCorps Jumpstart Program helping preschool Head start children ages 3-5yrs and Partners Reading Program 1st, 2nd, and 4th graders with their reading and literacy skills three days a week after school.

I’m so glad to share this bit of who I am with you, and I look forward to working with your child(ren) one day!

Lets Move~It Coordinator 2015~Current

I’m a student at Los Angeles City College. I’m currently in pursuit of a degree in Sociology, afterwards, with which I’ll transfer to a university to study education and become a teacher.

I am very active, energetic, patient and inquisitive; so my personality allows me to unlimitedly stimulate the youth both mentally and physically.

Throughout my life I’ve always recognized the need for a strong community. Therefore, it is a very fulfilling duty for me to serve through leadership as a role model and have a positive impact on such young lives.

I am beyond honored to dedicate my time to contributing to the development and growth of children.