Programs & Activities

The key characteristics of our Preschool & Pre-K Curriculum include:

  • Learning about themselves
  • Learning about their feelings
  • Learn maners
  • Learn about communicating
  • One-on one learning experiences
  • To aquire thinking skills
  • Learn shapes, colors, numbers and letters
  • To continue to learn pre reading skills per child’s developmental capability

Our program includes language arts, literacy, math, science, art, dramatic play, sign language and creative music and movement. In addition, social and self-help skills are introduced and/or reinforced throughout the year.

We provide FREE diapers, wipes and hot meals for the children AND FREE grocery distribution for all families!

Here are our programs at Krayola Kidz Evening and Weekend Care:

Infant Program
6wks – 1yr.

You can be confident when you select Krayola Kidz to care for your precious baby. We are committed to making this first transition away from home natural and easy for both you and your child.
In our calm and secure environment, our care providers will spend ample amounts of time rocking, cuddling and talking to your baby. Through thoughtful efforts, they will turn ordinary care-giving routines into teachable moments, basing what they do for and with your infant on your baby’s individual needs and developmental level. Our high quality programs will for far beyond that.

Toddler Program
1yr – 2 yrs.

Your child’s world is entirely new now that he is walking and we are excited to show him all its many wonders! In this period of rapid development, your active toddler is manipulating, moving and touching. He is becoming more independent and capable of doing things for himself. In our challenging and fun toddler program, your child’s confidence will grow every day as he participates in a variety of experiences: art and sensory activities, joyful music and movement adventures and lots of active outdoor play.

Early Learners Program
2yrs – 3 yrs.

Your two year old is bursting with curiosity. He busily explores his world and is learning to communicate his thoughts and feelings. As he begins to exert his independence, he is also gaining a better understanding of what it means to play with others. Our Early Learners program will keep his small hands busy and his mind engaged through countless activities focusing on both educational fundamentals and social skill development.

Preschool Program
3yrs – 4 yrs.

Your child will thrive in our preschool learning program! Children learn best by doing which is why our program combines planned learning experiences and structured play in a safe, fun and nurturing environment. We are honored to partner with you to provide the first introduction to your child’s lifetime of learning.

Before and After School Program
kindergarten – 12 yrs.

Your child will love participating in our high-quality school-age program, whether your need for care is before and after school hours, elementary school holidays or early dismissal days. Based on the premise that learning happens every day, all day, our program has been designed to meet the growing educational needs of children. Not only will your student get to spend time with friends, enjoying activities that are relevant to school-age interests, he’ll also be provided with homework help and skills enhancement.

Your child will have a super fun time at Krayola Kidz Evening and Weekend Care with these activities:


  • Painting Activities / Finger Paint
  • Reading and Phonics
  • Show and Tell
  • Science Experiments
  • Finger Plays
  • Crafts and Art Projects
  • Dramatic Play
  • Circle Time
  • Literacy Enhancement
  • Pizza Making